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Eugénie Émond (Author), Mathieu Labrecque (Illustrated by), Catherine Bernier (Photographer), Alma Kismic (Photographer)

Expertise. Stories, tools and wisdom from our grandparents [PAPER]

Expertise. Stories, tools and wisdom from our grandparents [PAPER]

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Gestures repeated a thousand times, precious advice, wisdom anchored in the present, Expertise identifies the knowledge of grandparents who have the unsuspected potential to equip them for the future. Resulting from a collaboration between BESIDE and Éditions Cardinal, this beautiful book, illustrated by documentary photographs and vivid, graphic illustrations, is much more than a practical guide, it is an outstretched hand between generations.

From urban courtyards to the vast countryside of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, award-winning journalist and holder of a master's degree in gerontology Eugénie Emond sets out to meet elders who pass on some of their knowledge to her.

Expertise offers 20 fascinating, touching and colorful portraits that teach you how to sharpen a knife, string wood, sew a quilt, make country soap and much more. It gives a voice to a generation that has so much to share.

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