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Sophie Maffolini

Meditate without complexes. 28 days of mindfulness [PAPER]

Meditate without complexes. 28 days of mindfulness [PAPER]

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What if we transformed our life by training our mind? In the uninhibited world, general practitioner Sophie Maffolini offers a 28-day program to increase your energy level and self-knowledge, reduce stress and better manage anxiety. Mindfulness meditation is a scientifically recognized and concrete practice, which allows you to develop tools to release negative thoughts and live in the present moment.

In this book which is aimed at all those who wish to discover the treasures hidden within themselves, Sophie invites you on a journey of reconnection and freedom through the awakening of consciousness.

Sophie Maffolini practices general medicine in the Canadian Far North with indigenous populations. She advocates a holistic approach to health and a mission to share mindfulness, this experience that changed her life.

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