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Bread of Christina (The). 60 foolproof recipes [PAPER]

Bread of Christina (The). 60 foolproof recipes [PAPER]

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The smell of good bread spreading throughout the house... A slice of fresh bread with butter melting on still warm crumbs... Isn't that the dream of every gourmand?

In this exceptional book, nutritionist and food science specialist Christina Blais reveals all her secrets to making bread worthy of the best bakeries. Everyday sourdough and yeast breads, cheese loaves, raisin and cinnamon rolls, chocolate-hazelnut loaves, focaccias, pizzas, baguettes, muffins, pancakes, crackers and more!

Addressing both those who want to get their hands dirty for the first time and more experienced bakers, Christina popularizes all the elements that make the difference: the types of flour, the way of make your own sourdough or use yeast, the accessories to use and the right actions to take.

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