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Sophie Maffaloni

Anxiety without complexes (L'). Finding calm here and now [PAPER]

Anxiety without complexes (L'). Finding calm here and now [PAPER]

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I did a PhD on anxiety...and it wasn't at university!

After suffering from anxiety for a long time, I developed a gentle and friendly relationship with her. At the end of a long personal quest, I learned to welcome it with compassion rather than avoiding and rejecting it. It was the beginning of freedom. What if we finally laid down our weapons and made anxiety our ally?

I have been practicing medicine for several years in an isolated area lacking mental health resources. I support my patients so that they develop their own inner healing tools. They inspired me to create initiatives that have helped thousands of people increase their awareness of anxiety. Uninhibited anxiety is the sum of these experiences, a gentle and caring journey in which I will guide you step by step to better manage stress and anxiety naturally... and to find calm here and now.

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