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Three times per day. A little more veggie

Three times per day. A little more veggie

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Eating less meat, without judging those who consume less or more than us, is that so utopian?

Asking questions, wanting to open our eyes together, trying, changing, transforming, influencing each other.

This book is a bit my way of coming to terms with a journey that goes too fast for some and not fast enough for others, but which is mine. It's my way of taking a concrete action for the health of the planet and the humans who inhabit it, by initiating a questioning and perhaps even a change in those who read me.


Enjoy eating less meat, this is the mission that Marilou has given herself in this fresh fourth opus. Gourmet healthy meals, desserts and snacks that are as enjoyable as they are balanced, discover a multitude of brilliant ideas that are as much a source of vitamin-filled happiness as they are of healthy comfort.

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