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Lesley's. My secrets to success in the kitchen [PAPER]

Lesley's. My secrets to success in the kitchen [PAPER]

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HOW TO COOK THE PERFECT ROAST CHICKEN? WHICH PASTA DISH IS THE MOST COMFORTING? HOW TO ASSEMBLE A BLACK FOREST WORTHY OF THE BEST PASTRY? Every day, Lesley Chesterman is asked these existential questions. After decades of culinary explorations, she has finally gathered all the answers in this generous book. Pastry chef, gastronomic critic and gourmet columnist ( The Gazette , Ici Première), Lesley reveals her secrets for making more than 100 great classics to perfection, in addition to offering a ton of wise advice. This reference book is also a vibrant plea for a return to pleasure in the kitchen and a celebration of time spent together around the table. Welcome to Lesley!

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