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Eugénie Emond

Eugenie Emond

Eugénie is an independent journalist, host and researcher. She collaborates with various media, including Radio-Canada and BESIDE.

His work as a journalist has earned him two gold medals at the Canadian Awards for Excellence in Digital Publishing (2021 and 2022) and three Grand Prix for Independent Journalism (2021 and 2022).

With a bachelor's degree in television communications from UQÀM, she got her start at TVC d'Argenteuil in 2008 where she stayed for the first time in a seniors' residence to produce the documentary series Eugénie in residence. She then worked as a journalist at TFO in Toronto, then at MAtv and Radio-Canada in Quebec, in addition to collaborating with various Quebec publications, including the magazines Beside and Nouveau Projet. He can be heard regularly on the show Motor Search on Radio-Canada.

In 2018, she returned to residency, this time in Lévis, to continue exploring a social phenomenon that still fascinates her. The documentary series In Residence presents twelve residents who agreed to open their home to him, assembled and recounted snippets of memories and talked about this choice - but was it always one? - to move to a residence for better or for worse. Quebec is the province where most people live in these places and the model deserves to be questioned, at least visited.

Eugénie also holds a master's degree in gerontology at the University of Sherbrooke where she explored different ways of creating links between generations.